Some drumroll for my blogroll, please

I’m building my blog slowly, savoring each new situation and choice.

It’s a genuine hoot to be a neophyte in one’s golden years.  I want to

build my blogroll slowly as I learn more about the craft and its best

practitioners.  I hadn’t planned to start it this soon, but today’s the

day because I want to acknowledge the wonderful bump I got yesterday

from my mentor Kathy.


Kathy has been blogging ten years.  I admire her warts-and-all approach

as she writes about her marriage, her cancer,  job layoffs,  you name it.

I don’t know if she actually writes about warts, but she’s voiced recent

observations on tater tots and exercising at the Mall of America.  I had

the pleasure of meeting her in October 2003 in Mankato, Minnesota.


Jude and Kathy are old buddies.  As I remember Jude telling it, they met

in 1979 or ’80.  They became friends fast, as Kathy noted.  They lived to-

gether in a bat-infested house.  It was actually just one bat that Kathy

used to sharpen her tennis game.  Jude claims that Kathy was always the

social director of their circle of friends.  Unfortunately, they parted ways

when Kathy got into robbing liquor stores.  Jude married a Methodist

minister who insisted she only rob Baptist discos.


But that was all bourbon and Holy Water under the bridge that autumn in

Mankato.  They laughed, hugged and compared prison tats.  I liked Kathy

although we didn’t get to talk much.  Several other old friends were there,

and an old friend of mine had driven down from Fargo.

When I first considered doing this, I started studying Kathy’s blog.  Then

I started asking her questions.  She graciously took time out from braving

the Minnesota winter to answer each one, and encouraged me to try this

vibrant medium.  Thank you, Kathy.


And to answer your question, we live quite comfortably off the grid.  We

have a reliable source of juice for the appliances plus satellite TV and, of

course, internet.  We heat by wood and keep our central air conditioning

outside.  A hot day up here starts in the high 20’s Celsius (mid-80’s

Farenheit).  If sitting in the maple tree swing with a refreshing beverage

doesn’t adequately cool us, we can swim in the pond or go to the beach.

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